Stewart Walton

The designer responsible for the furniture and Special Projects side of the business.

The nature of our business here is recycling rather than reclamation so we have a very different approach to a salvage yard.  We accept timber in all shapes and sizes because we can see it has a future, if not in its original capacity - as a door, for instance - but as part of a new piece of furniture or an installation. We are building unique one-off pieces of furniture from segments of panelling, doors and broken furniture in a contemporary style.

I have worked as an interior designer for the past 30 years in a practical sense but also on TV and as an author of practical how- to-do-it books such as Folk Art, Style and Design; Painted Woodcraft and most recently Eco Deco. My training as an illustrator adds a further dimension to my work as it enables me to provide clients with visuals and measured drawings of the furniture or structures that we plan to make for them. I also have hands-on experience of working with wood and a passion for good design.


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